Sunday, March 23, 2014

DIY Gender Neutral Nursery

It's been a long time since I have posted anything here, and for a pretty good reason- there is a lot going on in our lives!  Yes, we are expecting our first baby in about a month.  Which means we have moved way beyond weddings, and even beyond general home improvements and crafts, and onto... baby prep!  The last few weeks have been focused on nursery-putting-together, and I have definitely been keeping myself busy (probably too busy) with nesting and room prep.  But it is worth it to have a completed baby room, ready for the new addition, whenever he/she arrives!

That's right- we are also keeping the sex a surprise until the baby is born.  Your guess is as good as mine as to what we are having, and we are very excited to find out!  In the meantime, we are going with gender-neutral everything.  1) Because we opted for a surprise.  2) Because I love these colors more than hard-core blues or pinks.  3)  Because we will eventually have more kids, and I'd rather be able to use the same stuff again!  So for now, I went with the gorgeous combination of yellow, white, and gray.

This nursery obviously isn't fully DIY, since we bought things like a crib, and used a dresser we already owned as a changing table, but I did a lot of the decor myself.  Hope it can give some inspiration for other neutral nurseries, or any rooms in general!

Check out some pictures:

Love the color scheme of gray, yellow, and white!  Luckily, the furniture in this room was already white, so adding a white crib and a new paint color on the walls made it all come together.

It's hard to tell, but I made the crib skirt using a yellow gingham fabric, and this tutorial I found via Pinterest.  I used the same fabric and coordinating fabrics for pillows and the wall decor.  The wall decor is just thin canvases covered in fabric!

For my baby shower, we did an awesome "Bring a Book" theme, so Baby's library is already stocked.  I just hung some shelves (that we already had for this room) and voila!  Books! You can also see here the pillows I made- no tutorial, just sewed cases the right size and popped in the pillow forms- super easy and cute.

I was looking for something creative to use as "shelving" above the changing table/dresser, and I am so glad I found this idea.  I spray-painted a curtain rod white (so I could use a cheap one I found at Ross), then hung it up above the dresser.  Then I used curtain hangers (also sprayed white) and attached these cheap and cute baskets to make storage space.  They contain burp cloths, swaddlers blankets, and diaper changing gear.  Perfect!

There you have it!  My super cute gender neutral nursery!  Once the baby is born, we will obviously be able to personalize it a bit more, but for now, it is just how I envisioned it.  Hope this brings you inspiration, and hopefully I can post some updates once baby arrives!